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Starting in 2016, we launched our own metal furniture brand. At present our portfolio includes several types of smoking tables with integrated ashtray, interesting and functional all-metal waste bins, outdoor metal benches and last but not least flower pots.

Another product line that Aspera technology focuses on are Industrial Products. These products are an excellent helper in every production plant. We offer Big Bag holders, a handling container, handling carts, tilting containers and a wide range of protective corners. We also have experience with building cladding and we offer design support in the development of machine housings and custom know-how in custom manufacturing. We will create a 3-D model, prepare the documentation in accordance to the technical possibilities of our machines and then manufacture it.

We also produce a range of light lamps: Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta and Epsilon, Sigma. The interior lamps are designed for wall-mounted or suspended mounting for lighting corridors, offices, and indoors spaces.

We also offer REV-series of electrometer cabinets for the installation of single and three-phase meters with main 16A / B and single phase 2A circuit breakers for HDO switching and are designed for wall mounting in outdoor pillars and fixed walls. They feature durable finish, high-quality processing and easy and quick assembly.

High quality processing

Product quality is our main priority.

Team of professionals

Our team has extensive experience in metalworking.


We use the latest technological equipment.

Design development

Our team will take care of complete product development and project management – from a 3D model, prototype to serial production.


We weld to high standards ISO 9692-1, EN 287-1. We normally weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum by MIG, MAG, TIG.

Consignment stock

We will be glad to provide you with the service of our consignment warehouse.