Design development
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We offer our design development support service to our customers. The development of new products can take place on the basis of complex documentation submitted by the customer, o rour experienced team of designers and technologists can overtake the product development. In this case we will design the construction with our production possibilities and technologies in mind, so the manufacturing is both time and cost-effective. In practice it can look like you bring a scatch on a snack bag and our designer provides you with a 3-D model and a sample piece.

High quality processing

Product quality is our main priority.

Team of professionals

Our team has extensive experience in metalworking.


We use the latest technological equipment.


We weld to high standards ISO 9692-1, EN 287-1. We normally weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum by MIG, MAG, TIG.

Consignment stock

We will be glad to provide you with the service of our consignment warehouse.