Video by: Salvagnini

Automatic bending centrum

Automatic bending centrum Salvagnini is being used for series production, for example like switchboard boxes, tanks or cases. It’s doubtless advantage is speed, it can replace 4 convention pressers in the production facility. Thanks to it we can produce our products effectively and with lower costs when starting series production.


  • Modern automatic machine made in Italy (2013)
  • Circle bending
  • High production effectivity, especially during series production
  • Maximum bending thickness of the plate 2,5mm (steel) 3,2mm Aluminum
  • Maximum bending high 165mm
  • Maximum bending length 2 180mm
  • Minimum the size of the plate for gripping 140mm

Press brake4 m – Salvagnini B3

  • Maximum bending force: 170 tons
  • Table length: 4250 mm
  • Side frame distance: 3640 mm
  • SOS stop
  • AAM – automatic angle measurement

Press Brake – Trumpf TruBend 5170

The TruBend Series 5000 is TRUMPF’s most successful bending machine worldwide. Using it, your production will be unrivalled – from programming, to setup, to the actual bending. Innovative features such as the lower tool displacement and the 6-axis backgauge provide you with complete production freedom. The operator’s work is made easier thanks to numerous innovations such as the control concept, which is revolutionary in its simplicity and intuitive use, as well as new solutions in the field of ergonomics, such as the MagicShoe.


Press force 1700kN
Bending lenght 3230mm
Free passage of the stand 2690mm
Usable installation height 615mm
Throat 420mm
Control surface Touchpoint TruBend
Max.working speed 25mm/s
Top speed 220mm/s

Press Brake – Trumpf TruBend 7036

This press brake is an example of great ergonomics of the user and his working place. With its adjustable arm and foot rests, a pivoting control panel, and seated operation, this machine provides the best possible working conditions for any operator. Innovative LED technology, successfully introduced in TRUMPF Medical Technology products, illuminates the bend area without unpleasant radiant heat.

High speed and acceleration values for the beam and back gauge make the machines in the TruBend Series 7036 the fastest bending machines in the world. This is achieved with lightweight carbon fiber elements in the backgauge fingers and a gearless electric drive for the beam.

A laser line also projects the bend line onto the sheet metal part surface.


  • Press Force 360kN
  • Bending length 1020mm
  • Usable installation height 295mm
  • Throat 150mm
  • Rapid speed 220mm/s
  • Max. working speed 10-25 mm/s
  • Control TASC 6000

Press Brake – Schiavi Hfbx 220/4

  • 4m / 220t
  • Maximum open wide of the press brake 800mm
  • Back Backstop 7 CNC controlled by axis, with Heavy Duty performance

Press Brake – Amada HFE N2

The patented lower beam design and large working envelope of the HFE give the user great flexibility whilst a newly designed control panel and energy saving drive improve efficiency and profitability. Flexible multi axis down stroking press brake. Large working envelope. Amada’s ‘Instant Reactive Beam’ for consistent accuracy. Stop – Start technology for reduced power consumption. Innovative user friendly touch screen control.


  • Maximum press force 100 tons
  • The length of bending batten: 3m
  • System using 8 axis
  • Accuracy provides digital measurements