Punch press EMZ-3610NT, EM-2510NT

Punch press centrum Amada is unreplaceable machine in ASPERA technology, thanks to it our production is accurate, fast and economical. ASPERA technology owns two punch press centrums: Amada EM-2510NT and Amada EMY-3610NT which is capable of press cutting threads.

Thanks to cutting and special tools, we are capable to produce press shapes, threads, necks and other shapes. It is suitable for primitive production, from thinner plates or with numerous holes or slots. In this situation the usage of press is cheaper and faster than with fiber laser.


  • New and modern CNC machine from Japan (production 2012)
  • Maximum size of the metal plate: 2500mm x 1250mm (5000 mm x1250 mm in case for additional attachment )
  • Thickness of the material 0,6 – 5mm