In our metal welding mill, we are able to weld aluminum, stainless steel, steel and galvanized sheet metal.

Applied welding methods

  • MAG welding ZK 135 1.1 Welding with melting electrode in active gas method 135 (MAG)
  • MIG weldingí – ZK 131 21: Welding with an inert gas in an inert gas method 131 (MIG): Aluminum and its alloys
  • TIG (WIG) – ZK 141 8: Welding of non-tungsten electrode in inert gas method 141 (WIG / TIG): high-alloy steels
  • TIG – ZK 141 21: Welding of non-tungsten electrode in inert gas method 141 (WIG / TIG): aluminum and its alloys Spot welding
  • .
  • Welding machine: Cornerweld – for precision and precision cornering

We weld according to the European standard: ISO 9692-1 for welding by TIG / MIG / MAG method / resistance and spot welding. Requirements for the competence of welding personnel are regularly reviewed and by investing in raising the skills of our employees, we are able to meet the high demands of customers for certification.

    Yaskawa Motoman MA2010

    • Control system CX200
    • Arc Welding
    • Perfect quality of welding

      Welding machine Cornerweld

      Welding machine for welding corners made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or zinc suitable for final use. Perfect quality of welding without color change.

      They have been developed for sheet metal welding in a perpendicular position. It features a precision clamping technology where the weld is cooled and a protective gas is supplied to it, all combined with a pleasant welding cycle control.

      The maximum welding length is 300 or 500 mm depending on the machine model. The maximum fold inward can be 42 mm. Also, parts with outer fold up to 80 mm can be welded. The limitation is given by the metal plate.

      For stainless steel, it is possible to achieve results that can be used as a finished product without further processing. For example, when welding brushed or ground stainless steel, it is not necessary to further process the surface due to the resulting clean welding.

      These welding machines are commonly used for the manufacture of steel and stainless steel cabinets and switchboards, industrial kitchens and sanitary facilities, and laboratory equipment. They are also suitable for welding larger tanks of square shapes such as ultrasonic cleaners.

        Automatic corner former

        ACF CONERFORMER offers completely new opportunities in corner production. This new flexible corner forming machine utilizes cold production technology and can be used on a variety of materials from aluminum to stainless steel. The former creates a closed corner, without the need for welding or grinding.

        • Max. bending height: 20 mm
        • Max. plate thickness: 2 mm
        • Dimension of molded part: unlimited

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