General terms and conditions for the supply of goods

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    Kontaktní formulář

    General terms and conditions for the supply of goods
    ASPERA technology s. r.o., with the address Křižíkova 734/1, 370 01 České Budějovice, ID: 07699140 represented by Ing. František Kaska, managing director registered in the commercial register of the Regional Court in České Budejovice in Section C, insert 28292 hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”
    II. Subject of the contract
    The subject of the contract is the establishment of the conditions for the supply and individual takeovers of products and services by the customer from the supplier ASPERA technology, metal sheet manufacturing and processing.
    III. General terms of delivery
    1. The products/services will be delivered by the supplier based on customer order (written or oral) in terms confirmed by the supplier.
    2. The order must contain the specifications and quantities of the required products/services, or the date and place of delivery. In case of change ot the parts or design, the order has to be labeled. The customer is obligated to point out any changes done to the parts or the desing.

    The data submitted by the customer are considered valid and complete.

    The customer is responsible for the correctness and completeness of all sent data/documents needed for production.

    Any change on the documentation must go through proper change management.

    3. Transport of the products/services is solved by an agreement for individual business cases.
    4. Together with the products/services, a delivery note or an invoice – tax document will be delivered to the customer.
    Packaging excluding returnable packaging (ie. excluding shipping pallets, wooden barriers, gitterboxes etc.) is already included in the price of the products/services and will not be charged separately. Returnable packaging will be charged according to the agreement can be returned back during 3 months; the charged amortization will be 20% of the value of the returnable packaging.
    5. In case of an agreement to ensure the stock resources, the supplier undertakes to store for the customer mutually agreed amount of products in his storage areas. In case of termination of cooperation, the customer undertakes to take these stock resources over within 1 month from the written call of the supplier.
    IV. Goods price and payment terms
    1. Price of the products/services is determined individually according to the price offer.
    2. Due date of invoices is 15 days
    3. When exceeding the maturity the customer will be charged with statutory interest for late payment for each day of delay.
    4. The supplier reserves the right to determine the amount of the credit limit by an insurance company, or insure the customer payment.
    V. Transfer of ownership and guarantee of the quality of goods
    1. The right of ownership for the products/services passes to the customer on the day of the payment of the purchase price.
    2. Risk of damage to the products/services passes to the customer upon handover/acceptance of the products and confirmation of the delivery note.
    3. The supplier provides a warranty for the quality of the products/services for 12 months, unless agreed otherwise.
    4. The warranty period begins on the date of delivery of the products/services.
    VI. Statement of the supplier and customer
    1. The supplier is entitled to stop supplying products/services to the customer if the customer is in delay with the payment of invoices for more than 30 days after their due date.
    2. In case the customer fails to pay the invoices – tax documents issued by the supplier, and this delay exceeds a period of 60 calendar days from the day following the due date of the oldest unpaid invoice, the supplier is entitled to further sell or transfer the entire receivable from the customer.
    3. The Parties agree that all disputes arising out of this contract or in connection therewith shall be resolved in accordance with Czech law by a general court of the supplier, ie. the District or the Regional Court in České Budejovice.
    VII. Final provisions
    1. These conditions are valid since 1.1.2019