2016 – The year of reorganisation

Aspera technology just experienced very challenging and after all very successfull year 2016. It can be called the year of reorganisation of the maufacturing division. The key changes took place in all sections – starting with communication with customers, calculations of the offers, optimizing the planning and manufacturing systems and stocks, personal changes, investmens and these all changes led to speedup of production process and encreased quality of products. All these factors together with goodwill of our longterm customers and new purchasers contributed to annual sales increase of 41%.

I would like to say “Thank you” to all committed employees of the Aspera technology manufacturing division and to all our customers.

Next year we will continue to improve the processes and make the company grow as planned. To make this possible I wish good health, luck and joy to all of us in the new year.

                                                                                      Pavel Kocourek, Director of the division.