Smoking tables

ASPERA Circle: round smoking table Outdoor smoking table with integrated ashtray directly from the Czech manufacturer. Highly stable thanks to a robust all-metal construction. The Werzalit table top is designed for gastronomic usage, easy to maintain, color stable and...

Waste bins

ASPERA Jumbo: 240 l. volume waste binLarge-volume waste bin, ideal for easy handling. Volume 240 l. Design maintenance-free, durable, all-metal, surface finish: stainless steel + komaxit - according to RAL sampler on customer request, possibility of own logo or image....

Benches and tables

ASPERA Basic: all steel benchAll-metal design bench without backrest from Czech manufacturer! The Aspera Basic bench has a comfortable design and a modern look. The design is all metal made of sheet steel with a comaxite finish. This makes the bench maintenance-free,...


ASPERA Gabion: FlowerpotVery elegant stainless steel flower pot with a height of 650 mm. Flower pot, thanks to the material used, will also stand outdoors. It is very stable and easy to detach for easy relocation. Dimensions 650 x 400 x 400 mm. An overview of all the...

Lamps and lighting

ASPERA AlfaInterior hinged / flooded tubular luminaire. The luminaire is supplied as standard without tubes. The interior luminaire is designed for ceiling, wall or hanging mounting to illuminate corridors, offices and rooms under normal conditions. The luminaire is...

ASPERA Switchboard

ASPERA REV 10 SwitchboardThe REV-series reversible steel counters are designed to fit single and three-phase meters with main 16A / B and single phase 2A circuit breakers for HDO switching and are designed for wall mounting in outdoor pillars and solid walls. They...

Are you interested in our products?


Aspera BIG-BAG solid-state stands are specially designed to hold large BIG-BAG bags. Thanks to the adjustable height of the brackets, the construction can be used for bags up to 1.5 meters in height. For easy and fast handling, the construction is adapted not only for pallet transportation but also for forklift transport. The racks are painted with high-quality komaxit color according to the customer’s request according to the RAL sampler. Bag dimensions: up to 1000 x 1000 x 1500 mm (without hanging eyes) Weight: 155 kg. Color design according to customer’s request.


The design enclosure offers a functional and visually appealing answer for positioning fire extinguishers in corporate settings, private houses, government establishments, and other structures.

Its refined and straightforward appearance adds an attractive attribute to the area, and its construction allows for easy and swift retrieval of extinguishers in the event of an emergency.

ASPERA FIRE is the perfect solution for those seeking a functional, secure, and aesthetically pleasing fire extinguisher cabinet.

Not only does it serve as a protective covering, but it also enhances the overall appearance of the surrounding environment.

Solar panel holder for flat roofs ASPERA SOLAR

Your ideas, our realization! We offer flexible and tailor-made solar panel holders for your individual needs. We can manufacture brackets to the specifications of your project and your specific flat roof. With our brackets, you will achieve the optimum tilt and orientation of the panels, ensuring maximum performance and return on your solar investment. Our brackets are made of durable materials that can withstand the weather. Installation is easy and efficient, saving you time and cost.

Design stand for electric car chargers

Let the stand stand stand out as an aesthetic addition to your electric car in harmony with its surroundings. Our racks are designed to meet the highest safety and aesthetic standards while providing efficient charging for your electric car.

The cables are hidden inside the rack when not charged. They are only exposed to the weather during charging. Every detail of our products has been thought out to blend in with your surroundings, whether it’s your family home or business premises.

ASPERA custom machine housing

We offer design support for the development of machine covers and custom know – how for custom manufacturing. We create a model, prepare documentation according to the technological possibilities of our machines and then manufacture it. Most often 1.5 – 2 mm sheet, according to the customer’s request. Price is individual by machine size.

ASPERA Container tray

Container tray for residual metal, metal scrap or other waste. Suitable for engineering and production plants. It increases the safety of personnel in the workplace and during handling. Easy handling by forklift. Simple and fast emptying of the container. The possibility of an individual dimensional solution.

ASPERA handling trolley

The Europalet handling trolley is made of a steel construction in the surface of the komaxit. The chassis is equipped with 125 mm diameter polyurethane load wheels, which allow easy handling even in laden condition. Rotary wheels are equipped with a brake. The height of the trolley or other version can be customized.

ASPERA Milk Run protective corner

Rotary corner protection suitable for the milk run logistics system. The protective corners are fitted with durable, rubberized wheels with a diameter of 200 mm with bearings. The overall structure is robust with long durability. The color-coded design of the swivel corners is powder-coated RAL 1023 – yellow that meets OSH standards. The overall design (wheel height, width, or layout) can be customized to suit your internal logistics system. The product is patented.

ASPERA Protective corner

Robust corner protection against damage by normal handling in production facilities. Suitable for racking systems and shelf racks, edges, passageways and wall corners. Thanks to the sophisticated design we offer these protective corners even in the variant for guide rails of high-speed doors. Protective elements have prepared holes for easy installation and installation with screws fixed to the floor or wall. Patented Color design – Powder coated yellow RAL 1023 The design complies with OSH standards Possibility of individual solution according to the customer’s request, eg height adjustment and other dimensions, own color solution according to RAL sampler or addition of laser burned logo.

ASPERA Palette protection corner

Protective corner for securing goods when packing, handling and transporting the euro-pallet. A robust, long-lasting construction that will make your goods safe on the pallet. Protective corners are standardly available in yellow RAL 1023 that meets OSH standards. We offer the possibility of individual color solutions according to the customer’s request. In case of demand, corners can be modified with a laser-fired logo or corner. The protective corners are provided with a hole in the upper part for fastening the safety chain. Handling corners is very easy, you just need to deploy them. Patented.

ASPERA Flexi Board

Modular multifunctional wall. Suitable for exhibition spaces, production halls, infotures or mobile solutions for workshops and shops. Modules can be assembled into any assembly including optional accessories.


Wardrobe of simple construction. Ribbon mounting, possible to deliver in a staggered modular state. Suitable for schools, manufacturing businesses, public spaces. With three-point lock With a simple lock Shelf for storage of shoes and personal belongings Cabinet with coat compartment. Simple, durable construction Doors with ventilation openings for good air circulation. Possibility to place a company logo Surface finish according to RAL sampler.

ASPERA Modular

Modular multifunctional jigsaw frames. Suitable for showrooms, shops, showrooms, production halls, infotures or mobile solutions to shop and shop. Modules can be assembled into any assembly including optional accessories. This particular combination is ideal for the presentation of the door. Sheet metal, powder-coated according to customer’s request according to RAL. Upon request, the company logo can be added.

ASPERA Tilting container

Practical tilting container for residual sheet, metal scrap or other waste. Suitable not only for engineering and manufacturing plants. Thanks to the mechanical tilting system, it can easily be emptied. It increases the safety of personnel in the workplace and during handling. Easy handling by forklift. Simple and fast emptying of the container. Ergonomics of the workplace. Simple construction. The possibility of an individual dimensional solution.

ASPERA Rack system

Adjustable rack system. Suitable for non-standard pallets. This system allows you to effectively store long pallets above you to save space. The individual parts of the rack can be superimposed over each other. Patented.

ASPERA Flower shelf

Practical shelf for the presentation not only of flowers. Simple, timeless design. Sturdy construction with holes for surplus water. Height: 1500 mm Width: 1240 mm Depth: 663/1285 mm. One-sided and two-sided variant. Possibility of corporate logos on the shield. The possibility of individual patterns, motifs and other alternatives. Basic version RAL9005. Other color combinations according to the customer’s request.