Amada FOL-3015AJ

Fiber laser

Innovative design and construction – lower operating costs – production expansion

In our production facility fiber laser has essential position. It is been used for cutting metal sheets, for series production, not only because of its speed but also because of its precision and visual results.

Laser FOL – AJ means revolution in cutting. This system is using all benefits, which fiber laser can provide. Amada build advanced axis high speed traversable system for cutting and distributing laser beam that provides constant speed in cutting. Cutting thin material is two or even four times faster comparable to CO2 laser. The result is productive fiber laser system that provides accuracy, quality, precise edges even with thick materials. Thanks to this laser we are capable to process even the materials what we had problems in the past, like non-ferrous metals.

Fiber laser have no environment drop, without using any gas for creating laser beam. Operative energy costs is one third compared to common CO2. That’s why it environment friendly. The beam is produced from oxide, nitrogen and compressed air.


  • New modern laser of Japan production ( production date 2013, installation IX/2013) with power 4 kW
  • Maximum size of the metal plate: 3070mm x 1550mm
  • Maximum thickness of the plate
    • Common steel: 22mm (ST 1203)
    • Inox steel (1.4301): 18mm
    • Aluminum (AlMg3): 16mm
    • Copper: 8mm
    • Brass: 8mm
  • Equipped with automatic material collator Amada MP-F