Powder coating facility
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Maximum product width of 800 mm
Maximum product height 1600 mm
Maximum length of the product 3000 mm
Nominal line speed 1.5m / min (0-3m / min regulation)
Drying temperature 100-130 °C
Burning temperature 180 – 200 ° C (according to color supplier)


ASPERA technology provides quality powder coating in modern facility build in the year 2014, with size detentions w=800mm, l=1600mm, h=3000mm. Several cleaning preparations before applying surface coating including professional and capable personal, will provide top quality for your service. Thanks to the shift service we can powder coat your products swiftly. Due to the agreement we are able to make delivery during the second day. In fact Aspera’s powder coating facility provides you with reasonable price that is starting from 140Kč/m2.

The process of the powder coating


    • Steel: degreasing + Parkerizing, rinses, demi-rinse, maybe passivation
    • Aluminum – deoxidation, rinses, demi-rinse, passivation
    • Pretreatment is technologically ready for obtaining certificates GSB and Qualicoat
    • The quality is always verified before the products are coming out.

    Powder coating application

    • balance paint surface application
    • automatic and manual pistol
    • recycle powder

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    High quality processing

    Product quality is our main priority.

    Team of professionals

    Our team has extensive experience in metalworking.


    We use the latest technological equipment.

    Fleet of machines

    Design development

    Our team will take care of complete product development and project management – from a 3D model, prototype to serial production.


    We weld to high standards ISO 9692-1, EN 287-1. We normally weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum by MIG, MAG, TIG.

    Consignment stock

    We will be glad to provide you with the service of our consignment warehouse.